Sand Sculpting
Victoria, BC Canada
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Having created sand sculptures for over 30 years, in both a competitive and professional capacity. Winning titles in the Canadian, US and World Sand Sculpting Championships, as well as entries in the Guinness World Book of records. Producing works at fairs, festivals and shopping centres in Canada the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Germany, Romania, South Korea,Taiwan, Haiti and The Bahamas.

From the small 25 ton projects to the massive 5,000 ton sand sculptures that tower at 50'. Each sand sculpture has its own whimsey and appeal that attract the hearts and imagination of all ages from all walks of life. This temporary art form has a commercial impact as an advertising endeavour, combining art and promotion, making it a popular advertising medium.

sandsculpting fred dobbs

'A Lure'

Inspired by the 'Mother of Pearl' bronze work in progress, the idea for 'A lure' came about as a continuation of the story of 'Pearl' the Mermaid. This sand sculpture was created at the 2011 Parksville Beach Festival sand sculpting competition held annually above the tide line on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada. 

The piece depicts a dilemma where a mermaid has discovered a passing fishing lure, also noticed by an interested fish. Will the mermaid grasp the lure, or will the fish take the bait, perhaps the mermaid is warning the fish . . . you decide.  And, as one person noted "Be careful what you fish for!"

A LURE BeachFest Fred Dobbs

Squeaky Clean

This sand sculpture was a long time coming.  Initially conceived by Kevin Crawford for a team sculpture 'Squeaky Clean' became a possibility for me at the 2011 PNE in Vancouver, in part by the introduction of a new sculpting tool called a 'Willy Sphere'.  The 'Willy Sphere' is a set of shallow dished tools that allow for easy sphere making, ideal for making lots of sandy bubbles.

sqeekyclean freddobbs


The inspiration for Digger came from a book titled 'Digger', written by August Barton - illustrated by Robert Rivard.  Having read the story many times to my son Shay I was intrigued by the ending and could imagine the clever drawing as a sculpture.  And so it became a sculptural reality in Parksville, in sand!

digger freddobbs


'Piper' was created at the 2014 Parksville sand sculpture competition.

piper freddobbs

The Cup

Parksville International Invitational Competition: Theme Canada 150

thecup fred dobbs

cup fred dobbs

Learn to Fly

Parksville International Competition: Theme 'Wings and Things'

learntofly fred dobbs

State of Kuwait

Kuwait postage stamp made from sand - 5’ X 5'
In collaboration with The Sand Sculpture Company

stamp fred dobbs


CNE, Toronto
International Invitational Competition - Peoples Choice Winner

embrace fred dobbs

1001 Arabian Nights

Kuwait 2013
The Sand Sculpture Company

The palace in Kuwait

1001 Arabian Nights

Superman in Sand

Haeundae Beach, Busan, South Korea. - 20’ berm

superman fred dobbs

Bear with Me

Parksville, BC Canada
International Invitational Sand Sculpting Competition

This sand sculpture depicts a young boy sleeping in his bed, dreaming of being a knight in shining armour. His armour and helmet rest on his bed post, his ‘Bear' emblazoned shield sit ready beside the bed. In his dream his bed and blanket have turned into a fierce attacking dragon. As luck would have it, his trusty Teddy Bear is alert to the situation, and stands atop his pillow ready to defend against the beast.

IMG 1228

Silent Film

Port Angeles, Wa, USA
Arts in Action, International Invitational Sand Sculpting Competition

Charlie Chaplin, 'The Tramp’, stands amid a backdrop of film and reel which frame the famous Silent Film star. His Bowler hat, baggy trousers and distinct walking cane were his trademark accessories.

IMG 1311

Victoria Harbour Festival

Victoria, BC Canada

vicharbour fred dobbs


Gyro Park, Cadboro Bay Beach Fest
Victoria, BC Canada

sharknado fred dobbs

Bearly Possible

PNE Vancouver, BC, Canada
‘People’s Choice Winner'

While momma bear sleeps on the one side of the sand sculpture, her cubs have taken to discovering the challenges of exploring their surroundings. When they come across a beehive, and a branch snaps under the weight of the most curious cub, things become almost impossible.

IMG 1449

IMG 1510

Miami, Florida, 2015

The Sand Sculpture Company

Sand Sculpture Miami

Miami SandSculpture2

Miami SandSculpture1

Peter Pan flies over London in front of a Full Moon

Haeundae Beach, Busan, South Korea
20’ Berm of sand

Peter Pan flies over London in front of a Full Moon

Coco Cay, Bahamas

The Sand Sculpture Company

cocobay fred dobbs

Coco Cay, Bahamas

Client - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines
Tha Sand Sculpture Company

cocobay2 fred dobbs